Load Data For Fiocchi Hulls

Sunday, Feb 26 2017 Curtain

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Load Data For Fiocchi Hulls

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Finally a slug i can use shotshell reloading metallic cartridge
Over all the gun is good and if you are looking to get a 20 gauge go
Shotgunworld com vp 13 wad blown powder cup
Use fold crimp instead of roll crimp
You can read my post on loading data here and size size 78 https
Brochure hull features ballistic products
Ws 2016 toyota tacoma 2015 lambaro magazine
Shotgunworld com activ wad replacement
Cheddite 209 primers 1000 box ballistic products
Sizes you are expected to simply use the one that fits the load best
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This was a nice day from 2 weeks ago with the 28ga i put 90 shells
Small bore shotgun wads
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